Virtual Communication

BCI Management’s Web Conference and Virtual Communication gives your company the opportunity to collaborate on projects, deliver online training and educational experiences and provide a platform to share knowledge, experience and ideas without the travel and big budgets. BCIMGT webinar services include marketing to prospective attendees and clients, invitations to collaborators, set up, logistics management, and moderation of virtual platforms and programming, as well as a follow-up survey service. Our team of software engineers and IT technicians ensure smooth execution of your virtual program.  Let BCIMGT host your next webinar, virtual advisory board, or educational event to allow your company to reach across nations without ever leaving your home or office.

Services Include:

  • Video or static ad messaging through e-blasts and social media
  • Promotional and CME Webinars
  • Live Virtual Advisory Boards
  • Virtual Meetings with Clients
  • Virtual promotional programs with offices and dermatology healthcare providers nationwide
  • Software engineers and IT technicians on staff to assist with set up, logistics, moderation, and troubleshooting


What better time than now to go Virtual with BCI Management & Communications.