Strategic Planning

STRATEGY is the key to any successful business, company, organization, conference or meeting. BCIMGT is here with you from start to finish. Building a strategic plan is essential to the end goal – SUCCESS! BCIMGT will work with your company’s team closely to establish an organizational management strategy used to set priorities, strengthen operations, work toward common goals and achieve those goals by establishing a plan around intended outcomes and results. BCIMGT’s Stepwise Approach to Strategic Planning for Organizational Growth and Business Development is based off “The Institute Way” by Dan Montgomery, Howard Rohm, David Wilsey, and Gail Stout Perry. These steps can apply to business planning, professional organization planning and conference and meeting planning.

Strategic Planning Services

  • Uses a systematic approach with the end result in mind
  • Incorporate Change Management and Leadership Development to effectively transform an organization
  • Perform actions to better decision making
  • Incorporate internal and external assessments
  • Understand the needs of the client or attendee of the intended event
  • Include Strategic Initiatives to focus attention on the most important performance improvement projects
  • Focus oriented strategy for desired results and how to drive those results
  • Incorporate Learning and Feedback to promote continuous long-term improvement and goals


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